Sunday, May 17, 2009

"What are 'Hiking Outfits'?"

This is the exact way that the trip began for me. Sheer panic as to what I was going to need on this outdoor adventure, and how to pack it. I've got the beach trips down to a science, but it's been a long while since I've left the flip-flops and polo shirts at home for running shoes and khaki shorts! But, after a few last minute trips to Target and Old Navy, I was ready to go. We (Robert and I) were going to Southern Utah with Dad, Pam, Paul, Morgan and Ashland. Pam is from Utah, where her brother, Mike, still lives. He was to be our tour guide for the excursion, so we met he and his wife June in SLC. It was here that we were introduced to "the bar". This bar followed us around on our road trip via Mike's trunk. It was like Mary Poppin's magic bag - what ever you wanted, it was there. Bloody Marys and Gin and Tonics were the drinks of choice for the week. But we pulled out the occasional bottle of wine or vodka drink. The perfect medicine for a week of family time.

Our first stop was Moab, UT. I was so shocked by my reaction to the heights at Dead Horse Point and Schafer's Trail. It felt like with one big swoop of wind, I was going to be carried off the mountain. Or with one small slip of the wheel, the car would be sliding off the trail into the bottom of the canyon. I was really, truly the biggest wuss ever. The rest of the brave group coaxed me out on a few ledges, thank goodness, or I would have been a lost cause on that adventure. We also did a half-day rafting trip down the Colorado river. June actually got thrown out of the boat, which kept me holding on to the sides even tighter. Before leaving Moab for Boulder (UT), we made a stop at Arches National Park. One of the most famous Utah landmarks.

The drive to Boulder was about three hours, and a very different geography than the desert of Moab. It was much greener and cooler (temperature). We stopped at Goblin's Valley on the way, and got to be part of a rainstorm - in the desert! We also stopped to stock up on beef jerky, another Utah staple. It was actually really good. Especially with Bloody Mary ;) That night we had dinner at Hell's Backbone Grill and spent the night at the Bolder Mountain Lodge right next door. However, before bedtime we took a little road trip to see the Boulder airport. When we turned of the 'main' road for a dirt road, and wound around some trees for a mile or so, I was certain it was a joke. wasn't. We found ourself smack in the middle of the runway through the final clearing of trees, with the airport marker in plain view.

Then off to Bryce Canyon. By the end of the trip we were commenting on how guilty we felt for not oohing and ahhing about the amazing scenery anymore. I guess there was only so much to say. The rest we'll just have to keep in our memories!

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