Monday, October 26, 2009

Vampires and Bats and Ghosts, Oh My!

Bring it on! We're ready for Halloween 2009. Bats hung on the chandelier? Check. Pumpkins picked out from the pumpkin patch? Check. Pumpkins carved and a costume party on the calendar? Check and check.
Mom and I spent Saturday making our Pocahontas and Captain John Smith costumes for this weekend. While I think my non-pattern form of sewing will now be a thing of the past, it was a great time. Robert's captain vest is a little snug. That's probably what we get for making it a "little big" on the model - me. Ha.

Pumpkin Carving consisted of Monster Mash on the radio - and bloody mary in our cups. Who says we're not festive!? ;)

It's going to be a place where only the things you want to happen, would happen.

Robert and I have been dating a long time. And have had yet to go to a movie together - until Friday! I decided that seeing 'Where The Wild Things Are' was important enough to me to break the streak. I was really interested in seeing how the movie portrayed the raw emotions of a child. I still have a lot of kid in me, but sometimes I do forget what it was like. And I like to be reminded. Well...the movie was definitely that. Very 'real'. Not fairy tale-ish like most kids movies. I wouldn't even say it was a kids movie. I don't know if I'd really even say that watching it was enjoyable. It was just very 'real'. And the cinematography was beautiful. I relished in the creativity of Max, and envied his innocent view of the world. Two things that I fight to keep in the midst of all this growing up. I would recommend it, but maybe on a good day :)

Monday, October 19, 2009

Annual Girls Weekend

This year our weekend trip was to Columbus, GA. I know. You're probably asking what the heck is in Columbus, GA. Well, the truth was that we didn't know. Mom just thought we'd have fun, and she's been pretty on the spot about that for 30+ years now. So, we hopped in the car on Friday and came home on Sunday having found a fabulous new town :) It was a little late on Friday night when we rolled into town, so we hauled in our bags and headed out for dinner. Our B&B host recommended a downtown brewery and there we headed. We were really surprised that Columbus, GA had a brewery until we remembered that it was a college town, so there had to be some sort of night life. That was the first sign that this could really be a great time! As we ate, we laid out the plans for the weekend, which included getting Mom all set up on Facebook. (It turns out that we also got her set up on text message as well! A whole new era.) The room that we had for our stay was beautiful. It has two huge antique queen beds and a fireplace. It was a blue and white room, which made it feel a lot like Nantucket to me. (Always a plus!) Breakfast was set for 9a the next morning and off to sleep we went! The next day we were greeted with the most amazing fresh fruit and omelette breakfast. We alos ended up sitting at the table chatting with the owners of the B&B for about 2 hours! They finally scooted us out of the house to catch the farmer and artisit's markets that closed at noon. TBD....

Monday, October 12, 2009

Taking the Aussie out in the ATL

Jackson Spalding has started the tradition of an employee exchange program with other PR firms in the PROI organization across the world. PROI is large group of independent PR firms that help eachother play in the same leagues as the firms with global offices all over the world. Last year, we had a girl come over from Amsterdam, and one of our colleagues was working at her firm at the same time. This year, we had a colleague go to Austraila for three weeks, and Tracy (from Austraila) came to JS! We have had such a great time talking with her, and learning all these unfamiliar words and phrases. They are fabulous. Anyhow, a group of us took Tracy out on Saturday night to show her what a "typical night of dancing" was like in America. I was worried about being able to hang, as I can't even remember how long it's been since I was out dancing. But, I did stay out until about 1:30 - and was not the first person to bow out. A successful try in my eyes ;)

The Perfect Pumpkin Muffin?

I'm on the lookout for the perfect Pumpkin Muffin recipe. While I'm not willing to give up the (forgive me for using this word because I HATE it) moist consistency, I don't want cups of sugar and oil in the recipe. I tried one from and it was terrible. It was really heavy and didn't have much flavor. I am willing to admit that I used baking Splenda instead of sugar, but I am not willing to accept that it was the reason for the failed recipe. I was just sent another recipe from a Facebook friend. I'll post it if it passes the test! :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Keeping it All in Perspective....

I get an e-newsletter called "DailyOM", and while I have stacks and stacks of them to catch up on reading, I did read the one that I got today. And it was just what I needed, so I thought I'd post it...

"The choices you make upon waking can have a profound impact on your day. If, still drowsy, you hit the ground running, rushing to prepare yourself to face your worldly obligations, you will likely feel fatigued and overwhelmed for most of your day. A leisurely and relaxing morning, on the other hand, can energize and excite you, as well as give you the courage to meet the challenges waiting for you. By beginning your day in a focused and centered fashion, you make it your own. You set the tone of your expectations and choose the mood you will use to respond to your circumstances. A gentle, reflective, and thoughtful morning will prepare you to create a gentle, conscious, and thoughtful day."