Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Woody Turns 30 - Finally!

As if the adventures in Utah weren't enough excitement for me - and a whole week off work didn't separate me from the real world - I left early Friday morning on a flight to Sarasota, FL - Long Boat Key. Andrea had gotten a house at the beach for the weekend, and had about 14 friends coming to celebrate. With exactly 11 hours to re-pack my suitcase, I was back at the airport to meet Jessica. When we arrived in Sarasota, we promptly began the party by renting a convertible Seabring for the weekend.

The weekend was so much fun. The minute we got there I started with the Blood Mary's again. The drinking continued all day - and all evening. Dinner was at Andrea's friend's place next door. Homemade fish tacos. They were AMAZING. We had wine and hung out on the porch to watch the sun go down. I have never in my life known that Andrea's brother Aaron could be so entertaining, but with he and her friend Chip, we easily laughed off all our dinner calories. The post-party was back at the house with lots of dancing to 80s music - Michael Jackson particularly. Who knew that just weeks later the dance videos would be such mementos! ;)

Saturday we spent the entire day at the beach. That night was Andrea's big dinner out. The post-party on Saturday was a bit calmer, as we were all worn out from being so fun the night before!? I guess old people only have so much party in them....

The following day Jessica and I had lunch with Nanny and Poppa, who live about 20 miles from Long Boat Key. It was so great to see them! I wish they lived closer :( Nanny reminded me that she wanted to see those twins - boys more specifically - so I'd better get moving. After lunch we packed it in and headed for the airport :( All is all it was a fantastic birthday celebration. No surprise there. It was also SO hard to get back into work mode that Tuesday. Again, no surprise. I heart vacations - and Andrea's birthday party.

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