Monday, September 28, 2009

Inaugural Crush Party

This weekend we started what might be a new tradition. We got a big group together and had our inaugural Crush Party! In an effort to celebrate the grape crushing season and harvest, each couple brought a bottle of red and white wine from a specific country. We shared a little bit about each of them and then drank! It was a unique way to get to try some new wines. We also had an abundance of cheeses for the tastings. The most popular by far was the St Andre cheese with a fig spread that we also found at Whole Foods. Highly recommended!

Our wine list was as follows:

Country Brand Varietal Year

Argentina Zolo Torrontes 2008
France Chateau Routas Rose --
France Chateau Bonnet Savignon Blanc
Italy Riando Prosecco Raboso --
Napa Cuvaison Chardonnay 2007
New Zealand Giesen Sauvignon Blanc 2008
Spain Burgans Albarino 2007


Argentina Finca Decero Malbec 2006
France Chateau de la Chaize Brouilly 2006
Italy Nipozzano Chianti 2005
Napa Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon 2003
New Zealand Kim Crawford Pinot Noir 2007
Spain Marques de la Concordia Tempranillo 2006

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Great Jeans Search

While I'm sure that everyone who knows me would be quite surprised by this, the jeans search for me is drama. I say the first part of that with sarcasam, as there is drama to most things in my life. Not intense emotional drama, but just enough complication and commotion to keep me entertained. However, I do have to give props to the website that made this most recent search for jeans possible. I have a small obsession with this site. Get this - free overnight shipping. AND free shipping to return what you don't want! Since the site sells so may different brands, it's like hitting the mall from your computer. So, they now carry jeans AND shoes. I was able to find my beloved Rock & Republic jeans, in the very dramatic 36" inseam. Perfection. Proceed with caution! ;)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Fashion for a Cause

Tonight I am going with Jessica to Tootsies. While it sounds like an old ladies bar, it's actaully a very high end retail store. The name has totally turned me off, as I have never been. (It really has NOTHING to do with the cost of the clothes that they sell there...really.) We'll be "shopping" for a cause and enjoying a formal runway show to benefit The Chelko Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to empower women through art, education, and partnership in creating a better life for themselves and their children. I can get behind that! :)

Free KibbleKat

I've successfully made this a part of my daily routine - feed my cats, and then feed some cats that aren't so lucky. At this website all you have to do is answer a piece of trivia and they donate 10 pieces of kibble to animal shelters. AND you don't even have to get the answer correct in order for them to donate! (That would be too much pressure for me!)

Feed a Cat! Click Here.

Vamp-tucket 2009

I left Robert with the shed building in August, in order to take my annual Nantucket adventure with Jessica. I can sum up this trip with only one word, "Edward". Jessica and I started the Twilight series and almost finished the series in the course of the week! Over 1,000+ pages for this non-reader is a pretty hearty accomplishment. They are pretty much the best books I've EVER read. Not only did we read the books, but also watched the move AND downloaded the soundtrack. Ridiculous. We were like pre-teens again!? Expect that to pick back up on 11/20 at 12:01 when the New Moon movie comes out - and we're right there in line with the 12 year olds.

We also had our annual lobster night, attended the Boston Pops concert at Children's Beach, participated in a speed-round wine tasting at Cisco Brewery and had our onion rings at the Yacht Club with Grandpop. We had lots more time at home this year, as the economy had hit the island and reduced the number of cocktail parties and dinners out. We took advantage of that and corraled Bonton and Grandpop into teaching us how to play Hearts and Gin. We definitely need some practice!

"The West Wing"

What started out as a three weekend shed project in May, ended up as "127 1/2 Feld Avenue" in this month. Robert and our neighbor Mike put endless hours of work into the building in the back yard. It can't be called a shed any longer, as just the front doors were more of an investment that my two pairs of designer jeans added together ;) However, when Robert wants to do something, he wants to do it right! We celebrated the completion with two days of painting and a bottle of champagne. Woo hoo :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


Where have I been for the last couple of months!? I was such a dedicated blogger at the beginning of the summer...and then I fell off the wagon. Work picked back up for me, house projects took over my weekends, vacations happened, and then what other time I did have, I tried to do something mildly creative or spend time with friends. I think the responsibility I felt to recap all of that was just too overwhelming - and kept me far away from the blog. However, I'm back. Seriously.