Friday, September 25, 2009

The Great Jeans Search

While I'm sure that everyone who knows me would be quite surprised by this, the jeans search for me is drama. I say the first part of that with sarcasam, as there is drama to most things in my life. Not intense emotional drama, but just enough complication and commotion to keep me entertained. However, I do have to give props to the website that made this most recent search for jeans possible. I have a small obsession with this site. Get this - free overnight shipping. AND free shipping to return what you don't want! Since the site sells so may different brands, it's like hitting the mall from your computer. So, they now carry jeans AND shoes. I was able to find my beloved Rock & Republic jeans, in the very dramatic 36" inseam. Perfection. Proceed with caution! ;)

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