Thursday, September 24, 2009

Vamp-tucket 2009

I left Robert with the shed building in August, in order to take my annual Nantucket adventure with Jessica. I can sum up this trip with only one word, "Edward". Jessica and I started the Twilight series and almost finished the series in the course of the week! Over 1,000+ pages for this non-reader is a pretty hearty accomplishment. They are pretty much the best books I've EVER read. Not only did we read the books, but also watched the move AND downloaded the soundtrack. Ridiculous. We were like pre-teens again!? Expect that to pick back up on 11/20 at 12:01 when the New Moon movie comes out - and we're right there in line with the 12 year olds.

We also had our annual lobster night, attended the Boston Pops concert at Children's Beach, participated in a speed-round wine tasting at Cisco Brewery and had our onion rings at the Yacht Club with Grandpop. We had lots more time at home this year, as the economy had hit the island and reduced the number of cocktail parties and dinners out. We took advantage of that and corraled Bonton and Grandpop into teaching us how to play Hearts and Gin. We definitely need some practice!

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