Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wine Weekend Celebration

It was Rebekah's Bachlorette Weekend!! If you would have asked me 10 years ago what this weekend would have been like, it would have been a very different description of the party. However, in the now, it was the most wonderful way to send her off to married world! We chose the weekend, as it was the annual SanDestin Wine Festival celebration. And what could be more fun than a bunch of friends and a bunch of wine :)

Rebekah, Mikaela and I headed down after work on Thursday night and spend the whole next day at the pool. There aren't many things better than lying by the pool on a work day! Heidi and April joined us on Friday for a great dinner at the Marlin Grill in SanDestin Village. But, not before we had a little single girl celebration. While I've been known to have problems extending myself past a PG-13 rating, guess who made the inappropriate cookies!?

I think I went a bit light on the sunscreen, because I ended up not feeling well that night - or the next day. Which was a total bummer because Saturday was the wine festival. Who knew that my only shot of the weekend would have been of Pepto - as a rally effort. But to no avial. So, I ended up back at the condo, while the rest of the party continued in the SanDestin Village. I was, however able to be there for the sunset zip line rides and bottles of wine at Roberto's Pizzaria - where our waiter pronounced the "net" in cabernet. Awesome :)

We ended the weekend with breakfast at The Broken Egg with Mikaela's mom and headed back to reallity...

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