Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was Sunday and I was bored. So Robert looked up a 'scenic drive' on Google and found us a 180 mile route. Didn't seem to much of a time investment based on my 60 miles in one hour calculations, so I said, "Let's Go!". Six hours later we were pulling back into Atlanta just in time to go to an 8p Ray LaMontagne concert that night. We had such a great time exploring South Georgia, but (big surprise) my timing calculations were a bit off. Our first big find was the covered bridge - the oldest and longest in the state of Georgia! I noticed the name of the road was 'Covered Bridge Road', so we turned down it to see if it really was. Then lunch at the Smokehouse BBQ place was a cultural experience. My favorite part was the local policeman coming in for a cup of coffee and catching up with the wait staff. Amazing. Just like Mayberry. Then we were off to Warm Springs, GA. It was here that FDR came to recover from polio. His 'Little White House' was available for tour, but required admission. And since our little trip was about low budget fun, we decided we could live without it. So, we went into town instead. I have to say that downtown Warm Springs was MUCH more exciting. Behind the main drag there was this little 'community' of stores and restaurants. This is also where we found 'Fantasyland Courtyard' filled with plastic gold camels and pink horses -- and who could forget the red horse in the tree!? There were lots of other strange things there, which made me feel like I had just left the Alice in Wonderland tea party upon exit. Back in the car we drove through the intersection of 'D Street' and 'A Circle', which I found totally amusing. And then the end of our adventures hit when we dead ended into Callaway Gardens - which was a TOTAL surprise. A perfect end to the fun! After a stop in the all too commercial 'lodge' at Callaway, we rushed back in order to be at The Fox Theatre for the Ray LaMontagne concert that we were going to that night. We had so much fun that we're determined to make this a regualr thing. So, stay tuned for more random adventures from LL and RP :)