Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Three Breakfast Relay

I remembered this story on the way to work today, and just felt the need to put it 'on paper'. When I was in 8th grade my dad would take me to school in the mornings. And when he couldn't, he would have one of two colleagues take me. Now, it wasn't a short trip from Alpharetta to Gwinnett - and I wasn't ever much of a morning person - so I truly believe that anyone who would agree to do this should get special people stars :) Every once in a while we would get to stop at McDonalds for breakfast, so everyone knew that my breakfast usual was an Egg McMuffin and a Coke.

As my 8th grade year was coming to a close, and summer was looming, Dad and I headed off to school one morning. We took our turn into the McDonalds as usual, and got an Egg McMuffin and a Coke and headed on our merry way. At the next McDonald's that we passed, dad turned in and I thought he may have forgotten that we already stopped. (You know how you think your parents are insane when you're in 8th grade....?) But I was distracted when noticing that one of the other morning drivers was there in the parking lot. He had an Egg McMuffin and a Coke waiting in the car for me. Dad explained that he had a meeting, so he could only take me so far. So, I get in the next car laughing about how I had already had an Egg McMuffin, but politely trying to eat some of this one too. THEN we pull into ANOTHER McDonalds to find the third carpool driver waiting. I finally caught on when I saw him with an Egg McMuffin and Coke in hand that this was all a cute little trick on the last morning of the year. I couldn't even pretend to eat the third breakfast.

BUT, it was really fun to have everyone in on the trick - and it's a day that I won't ever forget :)

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