Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Hobby #2 - Art Journaling

Sometimes when I feel uninspired I spend my lunch at Borders and leave feeling much more like myself - full of excitement to take on new things. My latest trip inspired learning to make fun aprons and start an art journal.

Seeing that my sewing machine was off at the fix it shop, and I'm no so patient, I decided to pursue the art journaling. I purchased a magazine that quoted people saying things like, "It gives purpose to my art so that my critic can't tell me that I'm wasting my time being creative". Since that is EXACTLY what I hear, I thought I'd give the project a shot.

I purchased the acrylic matte medium and the gesso and went to work creating the book. KG sent me a blog link from someone else who does the journaling, and I was on a roll. I spent Friday and Saturday nights preparing the book for use and since then it's just sat on my counter. More to come once I spend some QT with it!

1 comment:

victoria said...

looking forward to hearing how it goes!

you are fabulous, and maybe just need a less critical critic!