Monday, October 12, 2009

Taking the Aussie out in the ATL

Jackson Spalding has started the tradition of an employee exchange program with other PR firms in the PROI organization across the world. PROI is large group of independent PR firms that help eachother play in the same leagues as the firms with global offices all over the world. Last year, we had a girl come over from Amsterdam, and one of our colleagues was working at her firm at the same time. This year, we had a colleague go to Austraila for three weeks, and Tracy (from Austraila) came to JS! We have had such a great time talking with her, and learning all these unfamiliar words and phrases. They are fabulous. Anyhow, a group of us took Tracy out on Saturday night to show her what a "typical night of dancing" was like in America. I was worried about being able to hang, as I can't even remember how long it's been since I was out dancing. But, I did stay out until about 1:30 - and was not the first person to bow out. A successful try in my eyes ;)

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