Monday, October 19, 2009

Annual Girls Weekend

This year our weekend trip was to Columbus, GA. I know. You're probably asking what the heck is in Columbus, GA. Well, the truth was that we didn't know. Mom just thought we'd have fun, and she's been pretty on the spot about that for 30+ years now. So, we hopped in the car on Friday and came home on Sunday having found a fabulous new town :) It was a little late on Friday night when we rolled into town, so we hauled in our bags and headed out for dinner. Our B&B host recommended a downtown brewery and there we headed. We were really surprised that Columbus, GA had a brewery until we remembered that it was a college town, so there had to be some sort of night life. That was the first sign that this could really be a great time! As we ate, we laid out the plans for the weekend, which included getting Mom all set up on Facebook. (It turns out that we also got her set up on text message as well! A whole new era.) The room that we had for our stay was beautiful. It has two huge antique queen beds and a fireplace. It was a blue and white room, which made it feel a lot like Nantucket to me. (Always a plus!) Breakfast was set for 9a the next morning and off to sleep we went! The next day we were greeted with the most amazing fresh fruit and omelette breakfast. We alos ended up sitting at the table chatting with the owners of the B&B for about 2 hours! They finally scooted us out of the house to catch the farmer and artisit's markets that closed at noon. TBD....

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