Thursday, March 26, 2009

Atlanta Magazine Super Lawyers Party

So, there are a few great things about working in advertising, and one of those things are the invites to the parties.  Let's just say that I wouldn't normally attend a party held for the top lawyers in Atlanta.  However, our client, The Brookwood advertises in Atlanta Magazine and is targeting the upper crust of the city.  (The Brookwood is the first LEED certified condo in Atlanta.  Given the green clothing line in the last post, someone must be trying to tell me something!) So, the JS Brookwood team headed to the Mason Murer art gallery in Buckhead and wined, dined, and inhaled - straight oxygen at the oxygen bar that is! 

We also found our way to the new 7-series BMW and took it for a test sit.  The paparazzi was just everywhere ;)

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