Sunday, March 1, 2009

This weekend was the 7th Annual Oakhurst Wine Crawl. Cole and Nicole came all the way from Nashville for the event - and Rebekah and Jason all the way from Vinings (just kidding RT).

The original goal of the event was to get residents to familiarize themselves with all the retailers in the area. That being the case, there are tastings at some unique places like the hair salon, dog groomer, cleaners and auto parts store.

While it had been raining all day Friday, the weather cleared up for us on Saturday and let us enjoy the wine without a raindrop in sight.

Some of the highlights include:
  • Wine tasings at Napa (not Valley) and the laundry mat
  • Devising Cole's strategy to "lap" the route at least twice
  • Pizza tasting at MoJo's Pizza
  • The Fur Bus trip from Okahurst to Wahoo!
  • Learning that gourmet dog treats not only look good - but are edible
  • That I have, indeed, had Italian cheese before (That was from the farmer's market trip earlier in the day, but I had to include it.)
  • Having such wonderful friends to help make such fun memories!

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