Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Releases

So, I'm not much of a movie goer.  My butt falls asleep from having to sit in the same place for so long.   My legs get antsy, and the big drinks that they sell make it a sure bet that I'll have to get up to go to the bathroom right when the movie is at it's peak.  Ugh.  I'm much more of a "watch-a-movie-at-home-on-my-couch" kind of girl.  However, to the angst of the Oscar panel, there are two movies coming out that I really want to see in theater.  

1.  Monsters vs. Aliens - At first glance this probably doesn't look much like an LL flick - I get scared from watching Brinks Security System commercials.  But this one is actually a Pixar movie starring the characters from Monsters, Inc.  My little brother has been appointed the guy in my life that has to go and see these kids movies with me.  The abuse never stops, does it!? ;)

2.  Fast and Furious - I had a short period in my life where I was pretty impressed with fast cars.  More Porche than Hundai, but I loved the first The Fast and The Furious film.  It doesn't help that Paul Walker is at the top of my list either ;)  Maybe I'll take Paul to this one too.  To make up for dragging him to the cartoon...

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