Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Downward Dog

In an attempt to find "balance" I've started going to yoga classes again at Jai Shanti.  I'm not sure if I understand all the "breathing into your fingertips" jargon - but I'm getting there.  Today was my third class and I am starting to feel a bit more comfortable.  I tend to get toe cramps mid-session and learned today that it was because I have "tight feet" - a result of wearing high heels.  It might be time to invest in some quality - but cute - flats :)  

Robert and I are going to start going together if he can get a free minute away from work! :)

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Nicole said...

I get MAD foot cramps in pilates. I mean, MAD!!! It's awful, and it is a result of wearing heels...nevertheless, I just cannot get in to flats. That means we need our men to give us foot rubs - nightly! :-)